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Who sells native cigarettes near me smuggling has hit a peak in New York, where one of every three cigarettes sold in the state is channeled untaxed through Indian smoke shops, robbing the state and city of nearly $1 billion in tax revenue. With a soaring budget deficit and angry American Indians, Gov. David Paterson recently decided to throw up his hands and take on the lucrative underground trade by filing a lawsuit against wholesale distributors that sell national-brand cigarettes in local Indian smoke shops.

The distributors buy millions of cigarettes directly from the manufacturers and sell them to local smoke shop owners for a much lower price. Last year, 43 manufacturers supplied the state’s Indian reservations with 6.4 billion cigarettes, and two-thirds of them came from Lorillard and Philip Morris, according to state sales records.

Tobacco companies have shown little interest in stopping the smuggling, as it benefits their bottom line. The industry’s only real incentive to do so would be to cut off the cigarette wholesalers that are distributing its brands to local Indian smoke shops. But even when a wholesaler like Gutlove & Shirvint, the largest supplier to local Poospatuck smoke shops, loses a major tobacco client like Philip Morris, the company continues to supply the stores with Lorillard and other products.

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Meanwhile, tribal manufacturers are growing, supplying smoke shops with their own brands of cigarettes and entering the market outside the reservation. In upstate New York, the Mohawk family-owned manufacturer Ohserase is focusing on quality, heritage and tradition to compete with the national brands. The company’s owner, Theresa Tarbell, has drawn on her family’s love of nature and 400-year history with tobacco to build a growing business.

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