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white mid calf socks

White Mid Calf Socks

The big sock trend this season has been ribbed crew socks that come up mid-calf. It’s a style that had long been associated with sports enthusiasts and sock-reliant athletes, but it seems the fashion crowd has taken to this look in a big way.

Stylists and fashion experts from By Colby named some of their white mid calf socks | GAIN THE EDGE : Ryan Gale and Michelle Li name-check the ribbed crew socks from Comme Si, while Juliana Salazar favors a pair of silk quarter-length socks from Comme Si called Celeste that come in an off-white shade and have a neutral tan back tab with the brand’s logo. They’re made from GOTS-certified cotton and are soft enough for everyday wear, says Gale.

The Classic Look: Why White Mid Calf Socks are a Wardrobe Must-Have

If you’re a professional who works on your feet all day, consider investing in a pair of mid-calf socks to keep your feet comfortable and dry. These work socks from Simcan are crafted with comfort cotton that’s knit with a uniform expansion fit to prevent bunching or slipping, which is ideal for people with diabetes, poor vascular circulation, edema and arthritis.

Athletic Socks

While ribbed crew socks that come up mid-calf are a popular option, many athletes are opting for sweat-wicking, supportive athletic socks that have a snug band that keeps them in place during intense workouts. Nike’s Everyday Cushioned and Everyday Plus Cushioned are a popular choice among activewear enthusiasts, who say they’re perfect for jogging, biking, or any other exercise that requires a bit more support than a standard cotton sock can offer.

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