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With IPQS fraud intelligence, you can bring down Chargebacks, Reversals and Duplicate Accounts. You can also get rid of fraudsters who use false or stolen payment data to rip you off.

This is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and boasts some of the best technology when it comes to detecting fraudsters and blocking them before they can cause any harm to your business. Its range of features includes device fingerprinting, IP address scanning, email validation, phone number verification, transaction scoring and more.

Defending Digital Frontiers: Harnessing the Power of IPQS Fraud Intelligence

Its suite of fraud detection tools automates quality controls to prevent bots and fake accounts, fraudster chargebacks & malicious users without interfering with the user experience. These are powered by a combination of industry-leading IP reputation data, user scoring, and click scoring. The system also uses blacklists of IP addresses, device IDs, emails, URLs and domains to scan visitors, find previous offenders and block them in real time.

As far as pricing is concerned, it offers a free plan that you can use to test the service. However, if you want to gain full access to all its features, you can choose a paid plan that starts at $29 per month. Depending on your unique business-related wants, you may also opt for a premium package that offers more benefits. It is highly recommended to do a thorough analysis of various services that you may find in the IT Management Software category before you decide on the one that matches your business requirements.

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