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Computer Technicians take care of computers and their software behind the scenes to ensure employees can use them effectively. They perform various tasks such as installing updates, setting up new systems and troubleshooting technical issues.

Is a Computer Technician an engineer?

You can start working as a computer technician with a high school diploma or the equivalent of higher education. Some computer techs earn a bachelor’s degree, while others go straight into the field with associate degrees or certificate programs in a specific area of expertise. Our fusion drive was making our iMac run so slow, so we replaced it with an SSD.

Career Opportunities

Computer technicians are found in a variety of work settings, from store front shops to corporate information technology departments and government offices to hospitals. They are also commonly employed directly by larger companies to support all aspects of computer operations across the company.

Communication skills

Computer technicians must be able to communicate with people of all ages and skill levels about how to solve problems related to software or hardware. They must be able to listen to and understand what a user is saying, ask questions that will lead them to identify the source of the problem and then describe how to fix it in a way that an end-user can easily implement it.

Customer service skills

It is important for computer technicians to be patient and attentive when answering customer inquiries, ensuring they have a positive experience with the company. It is also necessary for them to remain optimistic about the outcome of their efforts, and to be able to explain their findings in a manner that an employee or customer without a lot of knowledge can understand and follow through with.

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