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Moodle Virtual Learning Environment

Moodle Virtual Learning

Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment (VLE). It provides an online space for interactive teaching and learning. Many educational institutions and companies use it as their learning management system (LMS).

This LMS is designed to help educators create engaging online courses. It is secure and flexible, and integrates easily with third-party tools.

Moodle is a versatile tool that can be used by both teachers and students. The system allows the teacher to assign assignments, collect formative assessments, give feedback, and track progress.

In addition, Moodle offers a variety of e-learning features. These include video, audio, and a forum for collaborative learning. They are all customizable, and the user can choose which features he or she needs.

The system is also known for its robust quiz engine. It can save time with an automated marking and rubric system.

The system can also be customised to meet the needs of specific sectors. Most of its partners are businesses.

Moodle is also a great way to build a community. It includes a forum diskusi, which is a great way to interact with other students and instructors. Additionally, it has a mug shot of each forum member.

Another feature is the BigBlueButton, a web conferencing tool that features desktop sharing and video. There is also a mobile app for tablets.

While Moodle is a useful tool, more research is needed to examine its usefulness for non-tertiary disciplines. Research should also focus on its cost, security, and integration.