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We’ve all seen stoners puffing away on their joints, vaporizer uk weed or a bowl but lately more and more people have put those down and picked up a vaporizer. Vaporizers work by heating the weed to just above the point where it will start to combust or burn, thus releasing all of the cannabinoids without the harmful byproducts.

The smell is also considerably less than smoking, especially at lower temperatures. This is something that’s being embraced by Cancard, an advocacy group who give medicinal cannabis users ID cards recognised by police and offer a helpline for people to get their weed prescription validated during a stop and search. They’re running a pilot scheme where they’ll give out free vaporizers to people in social housing who may be at risk of eviction because of smell complaints.

The Best Weed Vaporizers for UK Consumers: A Comprehensive Review

It’s also more discreet than smoking, as there is no lighter or matches to worry about losing. Most vaporizers also have adjustable heat settings, so you can alter the temperature of your herb to produce different effects. This can be really helpful if you’re not sure what strain will suit you best. Vaporizers also tend to give you more pronounced flavour, so you can taste the individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of each strain better.

The Mig Torpedo is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market and it’s not hard to see why, it’s a sturdy, well-built device with a large chamber and one of the biggest batteries you can find in a portable vaporizer. It’s priced at just under PS120 and is a great choice for those looking for the perfect portable herb vaporizer.

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