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Secondary glazing perspex is a simple, cost effective way to add an extra layer of thermal and acoustic protection to your existing single or double glazing windows. It can help to eliminate cold draughts caused by poor fitting windows and also reduce external noise pollution from the outside world. Our easy to install magnetic tape system makes it so that even a novice DIYer can achieve great results.

Clear acrylic plastic (also known as Perspex, Lucite and Plexiglass) is the ideal material for secondary glazing as it is both strong, lightweight and insulating. It is also as much as ten times more resistant to impact than glass and has excellent optical clarity with good UV stability.

Enhance Comfort and Efficiency: Exploring the Advantages of Secondary Glazing with Perspex

We have designed and developed a number of different systems to make the installation of secondary glazing quick, easy and effective. These systems cater for a wide range of window styles and shapes including traditional Georgian sash, wooden or crittal windows. Using our ordering module you can easily design and order a system that suits your existing windows. It is also possible to have cut outs for handles or hinges so that your existing windows continue to function as they always did.

When measuring and installing your acrylic secondary glazing it is important to leave a small amount of overlap at the edges. This helps to ensure that your acrylic secondary glazing is held in place by the magnetic tape and that a tight seal is achieved. The overlap also makes it easier to remove the secondary glazing at a later date.

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