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pest control perth

A contaminated workplace can cause a lot of problems for your business, from damaged goods to substantial health risks. Not to mention the potential for fines and prosecution. Plus, it can also lead to a PR meltdown. Fortunately, Perth Xterminate Pest Control experts like Bug Busters offer a variety of commercial services to keep your business in top condition.


One of the biggest problems facing Perth property owners is pests. Birds are especially notorious in the area, including seagulls and pigeons. Not only do their droppings make buildings look unsightly, but they also carry diseases. Termites are also a common problem, and early intervention can prevent expensive damages. Pest control Perth companies such as Rentokil can help prevent unwanted pests and provide information to home owners.

Australian and Victorian laws govern pest control, and pest control operators must comply with the law. These laws protect the public and the environment from harm. Pest control covers a wide range of services, including weed and vermin control. Regulations stipulate how the industry operates, and non-compliance can lead to enforcement action.

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