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Organize your email workflows with a wide range of Outlook automation features. From identifying emails to automating the sorting process, get your inbox under control and enjoy a more organized work environment.

What is the future Outlook of automation?

Whether you are using Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook 2019, there is an Outlook automation for everyone. Microsoft’s suite of tools includes a variety of automation tools such as rules, Quick Steps, and templates. Using these tools, you can automate emails based on a number of different criteria such as sender, recipient, subject line, or specific words within the message.

For example, you can create a rule that automatically moves any emails with attachments to a specified folder. You can also create a quick step that converts multi-step actions into a single-click shortcut. For instance, you can create a quick step that sends an email to the project team with the details of a new project. You can even create a template that uses values from an Airtable database and customizes the message body with emojis, rich text, or plain text.

Using your preferred email outreach software like Saleshandy can help you automate your response to common questions and inquiries without losing that personal touch. The solution also allows you to use various hyper-personalization features such as merge tags and spintax to tailor emails to each recipient. You can even set up automated follow-up email sequences to maximize your reply rate.

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