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It’s easy to get sucked into the online dating world and waste a lot of time. But remember, every minute you spend on online dating is a minute that could have been spent on yourself or with your friends.Find out:

Be selective of the apps you use and try to limit how many profiles you have on them. Too many profiles can lead to you getting overwhelmed and also lower your success rate.

Avoid wasting your profile real estate with a list of criteria you want in a partner, such as “only someone who wants children” or “someone who loves to travel”. Instead, focus on writing a positive portrait of yourself and be authentic in your conversations. If you do end up on a date with someone who doesn’t meet your criteria, don’t be afraid to move on. They may have valid reasons for not wanting to continue the conversation and it’s okay if you can agree to disagree.

Online Dating on a Budget: Affordable and Memorable Date Ideas

Don’t respond to requests for money, especially if they come from an overseas address or via wire transfer. This is a common sign of a fraud attempt and can be reported to the app or site you’re using.

Don’t make finding a romantic partner your only focus, as this will leave you solitary and unfulfilled in the meantime. Keep your life balanced with activities you enjoy, a career that makes you happy and a healthy social circle. Keeping yourself happy will also make you a more interesting person for when you do meet someone special.

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