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Namibia Hunting Safari

The Namibian hunting landscape is diverse and offers a variety of game species for hunters to enjoy. It’s also one of the most affordable places to take an African hunting trip! We’re here to help you design the hunt that fits your time frame, animal bucket list, and budget! Find out

Hunting is done on private land ranging from small hunting concessions to million acre private game ranches. In addition, hunting is permitted on privately owned conservancies and within government-owned hunting concession areas.

The Call of the Wild: Namibia Hunting Safaris Await

Most Westerners that visit Namibia come for the wildlife. It’s easy to see why: Namibia has the most beautiful and diverse landscape in Africa, offering a wide variety of game species. It’s also one of the safest, stable and hunter friendly countries in all of Africa.

Some people, including some biologists and recognised conservation organisations, see trophy hunting as undermining or even the anathema of conservation. The reality is quite the opposite!

Trophy hunting is a valuable tool for the sustainable use of wildlife resources and contributes significantly to the economic and social development of Namibia. It is a key factor in the conservation of Namibia’s rich biodiversity.

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