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Our Mega Hydrocolloid Acne Patches are clear, large adhesive patches that conceal pimple clusters, extract impurities and prevent wounds from further infection. They help blemishes heal while helping to reduce sebum production and brighten skin tone.Learn more

The design of MEGA PATCH(tm) is different from other cold patch materials. MEGA PATCH(tm) is designed to become a part of the pavement and it stays in place much longer than asphalt. It is also environmentaly friendly and contains no V.O.Cs, no recycled asphalt or bitumin, and no old. It is a unique blend of water based co-polymer binder, with selected stone aggregates.

Super Size, Super Style: The Appeal of Mega Patches in Fashion

MEGA PATCH(tm) is easy to use. The first application is a little more difficult than a standard cold patch, as the material needs to be smoothed down with a hand tamper or power tamper. But once the material is smoothed it will stay in place without deteriorating as quickly as a traditional cold patch.

MEGA PATCH(tm) will stay in place for years if stored correctly. It should be kept in a dry location where it will not freeze, and protected from sun damage as much as possible. The rst MEGA PATCH(tm) installed in 2009 is still in place and has not deteriorated.

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