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kilim rugs

A kilim rug is one of the oldest types of floor covering, and they are made in nearly every part of Turkey. While they look great in homes all over the world, kilim rugs require proper care to maintain their beauty. Listed below are the most important tips to remember when caring for your Kilim rug. The following tips will help you maintain your Kilim rug for years to come. Let’s get started! Find out – More info

Their Colorful Patterns And Beautiful Textures Will Quickly Become The Most Important Item In Your Home

Among the common motifs of kilims are the “Muska” motif, which represents fertility and motherhood. These are usually represented by a female figure with her hands on her hips. You’ll find these motifs on Turkish kilims and Pakistani Rugs. Symbols such as the “Tree of Life” are also popular, symbolizing divinity and communication with God. These motifs are often found in Tree of Life kilims.

The colors and designs of kilims are muted, allowing the picture to stand out. Warm colors are applied to the background, while cooler hues add contrast to balance the overall design. Commonly used motifs on kilims include classical Turkish motifs such as pomegranates, perennials, and fronds. They also contain angular motions for a central degree of grounding.

While kilim rugs are derived from ancient geography and weaving traditions, they can add a contemporary flare to your home. They can add warmth to any room, conceal imperfections in the floor, or blend in with accent rugs. Their colorful patterns and beautiful textures will quickly become the most important item in your home. A multi-color kilim rug can also serve as a centerpiece or blend in with accent rugs. If you are looking for a multi-color rug, consider this Multi-Color Kilim Area Rug.

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