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do piercings hurt

Getting body piercings can be a fun way to express yourself, but you may wonder whether they hurt. The truth is that every piercing is going to cause some pain, but the amount you feel will vary from person to person. Your pain tolerance will also affect how much pain you feel. If you’re excited about getting a piercing, the pain may be greater than usual.

A Common Question People Often Ask Is How Much Do Piercings Hurt?

Another factor that can impact healing time is the weather. Cold winters decrease the amount of moisture in the skin, which makes the skin pierced less likely to heal quickly. This, in turn, can make the wound itchy and reduce its ability to form an exterior crust. While it’s true to do piercings hurt more than tattoos, the pain will not last as long, and will depend on the location of the piercing.

The pain you experience will depend on which part of your body is being pierced, and how deeply you’re getting pierced. If you experience bleeding, it’s best to get medical help right away. You may feel a throbbing, pinching, or a prick. The pain you feel may be moderate or very intense, depending on your pain threshold. Remember that the earlobe contains less nerve and fatty tissue than other areas, so it will likely be less painful than other areas.

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