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Moodle Mobile


Moodle Mobile is the official mobile application of the web-based open source content management system. It provides a mobile interface for Moodle users to manage their courses and communicate in the forum. The app is available for Windows Phone and iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Market.

In addition to the usual functionality, the mobile Moodle app features a few extras, such as a mobile version of the quiz, a push notification function, an availability plugin, and audio and camera functionality. To take advantage of these features, you will need to have a Moodle Mobile account.

Aside from the standard mobile app, there is a free version of the app and a premium version. For the latter, you can enjoy unlimited access to the app. If your Moodle site is small enough, you can use the free version.

Although the Moodle app is technically free, it costs money to develop and maintain. If you have a larger Moodle site, you might want to consider upgrading to a paid version. Alternatively, you can download the Moodle Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple Market and then configure it to access your Moodle site.

One of the nifty features of the Moodle mobile app is its ability to notify users of the most important events in your course. These include assignment submissions and announcements. You can choose to disable these by using the “mobile notifications” tab in the Moodle settings.