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heishi bead bracelet ideas

Heishi bead bracelets create a fun, bohemian aesthetic. They can be worn stacked together or separately for different styles. You can even make a theme bracelet by adding heishi beads that represent the same color or emoji symbol. You can also add a bead charm to each bracelet for extra embellishment. Go to this link

Heishi beads (pronounced hee-shee) are flat, disc-shaped clay polymer beads that are non-toxic and pretty durable. They are often used in place of rounded beads and can be strung on stretch elastic.

To string heishi beads, start by measuring your wrist. A small adult bracelet will be 7″ around, while a medium wrist size is 8″. To ensure your bracelet fits correctly, you can use a ruler or wrap the cord around your wrist. When you have your measurement, cut a piece of elastic cord to that length and pre-stretch it.

 Unique Heishi Bead Bracelet Designs to Stand Out

Once your elastic cord is ready, use a large eye beading needle to thread on the beads. Continue to add beads until the string is at the desired length, checking it against your wrist regularly. Once the bracelet is at the right length, tie a surgeon’s knot with the two free ends of the elastic cord.

Before trimming the ends of the cord, apply a small dab of glue to the knot. This will help the surgeon’s knot stay in place. Let the glue dry completely before wearing the bracelet. If needed, you can cover the knot with a crimp bead cover to conceal it.

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