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Crawlspace insulation keeps the home’s floor warm and reduces heating costs. Having proper insulation is also important for preventing mold and mildew. While uninsulated crawl spaces can cause uncomfortable drafts, they can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. If you have a crawlspace, it’s a good idea to get your insulation professionally installed.

How much moisture is too much in crawl space?

The US Department of Energy recommends insulating Foundation Repair Near Me. The insulation can prevent cold air from entering the home’s envelope. In addition, it can help maintain the humidity levels inside.

Installing rigid foam or spray foam can also help to keep moisture in the crawl space at bay. This type of insulation comes in a variety of thicknesses, and varying R-values.

Fiberglass batts are a popular option for insulation in crawlspaces. They are economical and easy to work with. However, fiberglass batting often sags over time, requiring additional support. For this reason, it’s important to secure the batts with a vapor barrier.

Closed cell foam is another popular choice. It is super light, so it is easy to install. It contains 98% air and 2% plastic. When installing foam, use caulk and large button cap washers to seal the insulation in place.

Fiberglass rolls are also a good option for insulation. These are available in rolls or as batts. Batts are easier to install than roll insulation. But you should also ensure that you’re using the right vapor barrier.

Rigid foam can be installed in the band joist area or in the floor joist cavities. The R-value varies from about four to six inches.

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