Who is Zeus?


The supreme deity of ancient Greek religion, who is zeus is the god of thunder, lightning and the sky. He is the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea and brother of Hera, Poseidon and Hades. As the king of the skies and of mortals, Zeus resides on Mount Olympus with his wife Hera.

He is traditionally depicted with a scepter in one hand and a thunderbolt in the other – symbolising his power and authority. He is often dressed in a regal robe and has long, often curly hair and a short beard or scruff. He has a powerful physique and is usually seated in his throne.

Zeus Unveiled: A Comprehensive Introduction to the King of the Greek Gods

Like many ancient gods Zeus is omnipotent, able to do anything at will. He is also fair-minded. He dispenses good and bad fortune for mortals according to his own choice. At his feet are the jars of fate, in which he weighs a person’s fate before it is sealed.

Although Zeus is a jealous and capricious god who is quick to strike out, he also punishes those who wrong him. He is the patron of agriculture and the king of animals, especially bulls. His sister Hestia is the goddess of hearth and home, so each city had a public hearth which was sacred to her. Hestia is also the goddess of maternity, giving birth to Heracles and Eros. She is a virgin goddess. Her name means “to be steady”. She is not a character in the myths and does not have a personality of her own.