Victorian Greenhouse Kits

victorian greenhouse kits

Whether you’re growing vegetables or looking for a frost free location to overwinter your prized cacti and orange trees, these victorian greenhouse kits will add Old World style and elegance to your home garden. They’re also surprisingly strong and built to stand the test of time.

These victorian greenhouse kits are built for the serious gardener who wants a luxurious, permanent greenhouse that will be a beautiful focal point in your backyard. These large, clear glass greenhouses are an excellent way to extend your growing season and get the most out of your plants. The extra height provides more air circulation and makes them easier to maintain at a comfortable temperature, even in hot weather.

Elegant and Timeless: Victorian Greenhouse Kits for Classic Garden Charm

The victorian greenhouse kits on this list feature the best materials for a sturdy, long-lasting structure. Choosing the right one depends on your needs and budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to choose a polyethylene covering instead of the traditional glass greenhouse glazing. Polyethylene is water-resistant and offers some protection against UV rays, but it’s not as durable as glass and won’t hold up to heavy snow.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can purchase a Victorian greenhouse kit that features glass from floor to ceiling. These are more expensive than the pvc covered models, but they’re also stronger and more attractive. You can choose from a variety of size options and add options like a misting system or double doors to make the most of your greenhouse space.